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To enable or disable the global search plugin

SearchConfig type has the following properties:

keyword optionalto initiate with a keywordstringJohn
server optionalto enable server integrationobjectServer-side search
debounceTimeout optionalsearch debounce timoutnumber1000 (1 second)
selector optionalto customize searchable fieldsfunctionSearch
ignoreHiddenColumns optionalto avoid search inside hidden columns (default true)booleantrue or false
new Grid({
data: [
['John', '[email protected]', '(353) 01 222 3333'],
['Mark', '[email protected]', '(01) 22 888 4444'],
['Eoin', '[email protected]', '(05) 10 878 5554'],
['Nisen', '[email protected]', '313 333 1923']
search: true


You can customize the search placeholder using the language config. See Locales.