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I'd like to explain why I spent my time to sort of reinvent the wheel. There are a lot of open-source table plugins available but and I have used them personally, but I wanted to implement something different that can address multiple issues with the existing solutions:

No vendor lock-in

Means you can use Grid.js with React, Angular, Vue or even without any web frameworks. It has only one external dependency which is already baked in using Rollup, so you don't have to worry about managing dependencies if you don't use a package manager like NPM.

Browser support

Grid.js works with all modern web browsers, and I will try to maintain and increase this coverage in the future.

React Native support

My objective when I started to develop this project was to write a plugin that can be used in web browsers and other JavaScript environments like React Native.

Grid.js is designed to be independent of web browser context, and it is just a data processing library. Although the first version of Grid.js is primarily used to render web browser elements, I will work on React Native and other JavaScript enviroment integrations. Stay tuned!

Developer Friendly

Grid.js is written in TypeScript and has a lot of unit tests, integration tests and snapshot tests which helps you to extend the library with confidence. And of course we use transpilers to build browser-friendly artifacts.